Kubota Z122R

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The Z122R is the ultimate residential lawnmower. Its two-lever mode of driving will delight its users with the machine manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

Combine comfort and style: Maintain your space comfortably thanks to the wrap-around seat with adjustable for/aft, a wide footrest, proud of your machine with its robust design and modern look.

Performance Matters: The amazing productivity of this machine is the result of an easy-to-adjust cutting height dial  (lifting the cutting deck at the feet and adjusting the cutting height by thumb wheel) and a 42” cutting deck driven by the 19hp petrol engine.

Invest in sustainability: This Z122R is built on the basis of a fully welded frame which gives it a great resistance to all mechanical stresses and shocks. In addition, there is very little maintenance to be expected with bearings greased for life and a maintenance-free integrated transmission. “

Comes complete with a 4-year/300hr warranty

Information and instruction by EU Stage V


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