Kubota MGX-IV Agricultural Tractor

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The Kubota MGX-IV is the all-rounder among professional tractors. Its versatility ensures continuous productivity.

  • Extremely powerful
    The strong 4-cylinder engines provide low fuel consumption.
  • Effortless shifting
    The 8-speed powershift transmission ensures smooth and comfortable gear shifts.
  • Exceptionally comfortable
    The very spacious cab provides an efficient and comfortable workplace.
  • Extremely robust
    The powerful 3-point powerlift provides a lifting capacity of up to 6,100 kg.
  • Simple lifting
    The tractor/front loader combination delivers high levels of performance in all situations.
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  • The powerful V6108 and V3800 series engines impress with their low fuel consumption and extreme reliability.
  • The strict regulations of the Euro IV exhaust emission standards are easily met.
  • The engines have memory function for two engine speeds, constant engine speed management and an engine speed limiter.
  • The large radiator and two air intakes on the bonnet result in excellent engine cooling.
  • The new 150-amp alternator delivers more power to suit the enhanced ancilliary equipment options.


  • The user-friendly 8-speed Intelli-Shift powershift transmission ensures easy gear shifting at the touch of a button.
  • The finely geared powershift transmission provides the right speed you need for the task at hand.
  • The 24F/24R transmission (32F/32R incl. optional creeper gear) has exactly the right number of gears for a wide range of applications.
  • The automatic mode ensures maximum performance with changing ground and terrain conditions.
  • Automatic functions such as headland management and automatic power take-off provide additional comfort.


  • The Category III 3-point power lift enables lifting capacities of 5,000 kg or 6,100 kg.
  • Thanks to its high-performance hydraulic system, the MGX-IV can easily lift very heavy implements.
  • Hydraulic pumps with high flow rates ensure short cycle times for front loader work.
  • The electro-hydraulic control of the 540/1000 PTO ensures easy and efficient operation. Switches on the rear mudguards allow you can operate the PTO externally.


  • In the new cab you will find an extremely spacious workplace with an air-suspended luxury driver’s seat.
  • The noise level in the air-conditioned cab is pleasantly low.
  • The 4-column cab is equipped with a large area of anti-reflective glass, which guarantees the best all-round views.
  • The clearly arranged operating console ensures you have everything within easy reach..
  • Smart switching controls, for engine speed, engine speed memories and constant engine speed, provide additional convenience for the user.


  • The MGX-IV can be retrofitted with an optional ISOBUS controller, allowing you to use any ISOBUS implements.
  • ISOBUS devices are displayed in the cab on ISOBUS-certified IsoMatch Tellus monitors.
  • All device settings can be carried out from the comfort of your seat using the touch screen display.
  • The optional GEOCONTROL function enables automatic part width section control or partial area-specific application.
  • All data can be exported from the terminals, for optimum use in your business.


  • Intelligent solutions take front loader work to a new level in efficiency and performance.
  • The front loader impresses with its fast, tool-free coupling for great user-friendliness
  • The vibration damping system reduces the vibration load that occurs when driving at high speeds ensuring comfort for the driver.
  • With the conveniently located cross lever, you can control the front loader efficiently with high levels of precision.
  • With optional 3rd and 4th service valves, you can extend the front loader’s versatility.