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Front mounted mower conditioners with steel tines or roller conditioning.

The Kubota DMC7000 series can be used in combination with a variety of mower conditioners, including the DMC6000 series, DMC6132T, DMC8000, DMC8500, or on its own, making this an extremely versatile machine. With working widths of 2.80, 3.20 and 3.50m, the capacity of the machine is substantial.

The Advantages:

  • 2.8, 3.2 and 3.5 m working width
  • SemiSwing steel tine conditioning
  • Chevron roller conditioning
  • Innovative suspension design
  • Flexible moving pattern, downwards movement of 250mm and upwards of 450mm.
  • Variable conditioner rotor speed


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Model Working Width No of Discs Conditioner Power Req
DMC7028T 2.80m 8 Discs SemiSwing 50kW/70hp
DMC7028N 2.80m 8 Discs Nylon 50kW/70hp
DMC7032T 3.20m 8 Discs SemiSwing 60kW/80hp
DMC7032N 3.20m 8 Discs Nylon 60kW/80hp
DMC7032R 3.20m 8 Discs Roller 60kW/80hp
DMC7036T 3.50m 10 Discs SemiSwing 67kW/90hp