Fleming Side Mounted Super Float Pasture Topper 7SF

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  • The Fleming Superfloat Grass Topper range is made to the highest of standards and with high quality materials. The Superfloat Grass Topper range is designed for use on parklands, sports fields, airports, equestrian centres and for agricultural usage.
  • The Fleming Side Mounted Grass Topper is a durable machine which is manufactured to have a long life. With the Side Mounted Toppers specially adapted floatation system, it prevents the topper leaving skid marks or damaging the soil.
SPECIFICATION (TOP7SF):                  Benefits Include:
  • Tractor HP Required – 70
  • Transport Width – 1.83m
  • No. of Rotors – 2
  • No. of Blades – 4
  • No. of Gearbox – 3
  • Gearbox Rating – 55hp
  • Weight – 616kg
  • Fitted with floating top link and spring assisted body floatation to
    provide Bi-Lateral movement, creating minimal stress resistance on the machine
  • Blades stay at an even cutting height at all times
  • One piece gearbox cover for easier access
  • In-cab hydraulic transport to working operation
  • Low cost spares and maintenance.


Fleming 7ft (2.15mtr) Side Mounted Super Float Topper (TOP7SF)