Fleming Pasture Topper 9

£2,195.00 plus VAT

  • The Fleming In-line and Semi-Offset Grass Topper Range has a durable and sturdy design which allows for them be used in various environments.
  • The Fleming Side Mounted Grass Topper is a durable machine which is manufactured to have a long life. With the Side Mounted Toppers specially adapted floatation system, it prevents the topper leaving skid marks or damaging the soil.
SPECIFICATION (TOP9): Benefits Include:
  • Tractor HP Required – 70
  • Transport Width – 2.74m
  • No. of Rotors – 2
  • No. of Blades – 4
  • No. of Gearbox – 3
  • Gearbox Rating – 55hp
  • Weight – 494kg
  • Ideal for small compact and low horsepower tractors
  • Rejuvenates growth
  • Grass land maintenance
  • Low maintenance machine with low cost spares
  • New five stage painting and heat treatment process


9ft Shaft Drive In Line Topper (2.8 Mtr) (TOP9)